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Investors, the media, and top talent pay attention when your story is bold and clear. So put your best science forward with the communications team that knows how to reach your audience, engage their full attention, and elevate your story to new heights of success.

Great science meets great communications

The world urgently needs what you do. One magic molecule can cure a devastating disease or manage a chronic illness, so many who suffer can lead meaningful lives.

The cure for polio took 55 years. Yet, it took less than a year for the biopharmaceutical industry to create several effective vaccines for COVID-19, the worst pandemic of modern times. As new viruses emerge, variants mutate, and the stresses of modern living create new vulnerabilities in the human body, your work is ever more crucial to the future of humanity.


We’ll help you tell your story

While your heroes work on saving lives, there are other urgent questions your business leaders need to answer, including:

HOW TO tell your important message to the greater world

HOW TO attract venture capital and partners to keep moving ahead

HOW TO tempt the brightest minds to share your vision

The answers are simple: hire a communications firm that knows the biotech industry from the inside out. In the past four years, Greig Communications and its unique communications methodology has played a vital role in the success of 27 biotech firms.

In 4 years:

27 biotech firms served

We understand how to craft your communications to raise funds, attract game-changing talent, secure media coverage, and develop marketing materials that move the hearts and minds of those who can help your company thrive.