Elton Greig


Throughout his journey working on four continents, Elton has developed an ability to take complex ideas and concepts and distill them into stories that are clear, simple and memorable.

Over the past 20 years working as a journalist and communications executive for major pharmaceutical companies, Elton has served some of the healthcare industry’s most powerful leaders by taking dauntingly complex narratives and accurately turning science, business, risks and medical innovation into simply eloquent messages. 


Elton began his career as a journalist in the 1990s, writing for various healthcare and entertainment publications in the UK, US and Australia.


Fascinated by how cutting-edge science could be used to discover and develop new medicines to treat disease, Elton decided to apply his storytelling abilities to the pharmaceutical industry.

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In 1999, Elton began working for Pfizer, initially based in the UK. During his time there he wrote and published more than 300 articles about the pharmaceutical industry and new medical breakthroughs, bringing these stories to life by focusing not only on the science but also on the people behind these advances.


In 2001, Elton moved to the US where he served as communications manager at Pfizer’s Ann Arbor, Michigan site. There he was responsible for internal communications, employee engagement, and R&D communications.

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Seeing the potential biotechnology offered to treat disease, Elton moved to Amgen in California, where he focused on R&D communications, mergers and acquisitions, and executive communications. During his time at Amgen, Elton managed the communications for nine acquisitions totaling $6.3 billion.


He concluded his Amgen career supporting the CEO’s internal and external communications, including the development and refinement of key messages, talking points and presentations.

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In 2018, Elton launched his own specialty communications business focused on M&A, executive and organizational communications.


Elton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Murdoch University. He is on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Biomedical Research in Washington, DC.

History of Acquistions

During his career, Elton has managed communications for the following acquisitions:

Acquisitions History

TOTAL: $6.29 Billion

Elton Greig