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Marty Klapper

Investment Banking

Marty is a former investment banker and finance executive who currently handles select advisory assignments in portfolio management, alternative energy, telecommunications and technology.


Marty began his banking career in the mid-1980s in New York with Basel-based Swiss Bank Corporation, moving on to a senior position at Toronto-based CIBC Securities.


He then moved to Chase Securities, where he introduced the bank to The Atlantic Crossing Company which would subsequently become one of the bank’s highest profile clients with a multi-billion banking relationship.


Marty was recruited to Beverly Hills-based Global Crossing in late 1997. He was a key member of the team that took Global Crossing public in August 1998 and he led the company’s negotiations for $10 billion in various transactions.


In 2000, Marty led the Asia Global Crossing IPO, serving as interim CFO during the offering.


Marty holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Political Science from The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and an MBA in Finance from The Stern School at New York University.