Corporate Communications Programs

Technology has created more change in how we communicate, are evaluated, and judged. Messages, both good and bad, transmit in an instant. Many organizations have not come to terms with the new transparency that impacts each and every one of us, all of our leaders as well as employers. Some would call that a loss of privacy. We view transparency as the new truth.

Hence, our corporate communications programs embrace all of the hard-won experience we have had in working with CEOs and navigating clients through complicated and high-risk mergers and acquisitions.

We center our energy in building unbreakable trust with our clients, audiences and employees who can become fully engaged or disengaged in how we tell the truth or not. At times, our work becomes cultural. Quite simply, we have never had a point in history where so many people can see everything we do.

After defining all that our client wants to accomplish, we bring in the strategists, artists and creators to help every communication from public presentations, digital media, virtual communications, and employee messaging become winning, truthful, aspirational and at times, brave.


We have extensive experience gaining high-profile media placements for our clients. We develop and implement media strategies aligned with stakeholder needs through crisp, clear messaging that positions our clients as leaders in their respective fields. A strong media presence puts a company “on the map” attracting investors, customers, talent and potential partners.


A lot of people talk about strategy­; few do it well. A good strategy is a roadmap to achieving your business goals. We always start by understanding your business goals and then we develop a communications strategy to help you achieve them. Flexibility is essential: the world changes and unforeseen business challenges arise. Even more important is the ability to execute on your strategy. That is where you will see the most significant business impact, and it is an area where we excel.


Every successful startup begins with a story, a compelling narrative that investors, elite talent, and game-changing partners commit to and support. We have launched more than a dozen startups and IPOs in the past 18 months. We provide full service to companies launching, announcing a Series A, B or C financing round, developing your message platform, managing media outreach, creating your website, photography­—everything you need to put your company “on the map.” We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you get the results you want.


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Leadership Communications

Great leaders should also be great communicators. Having the right tools and thoroughly understanding your audience can enhance your reputation and prepare you to lead in times of change. Find out more about how we do it in this short video.

Whether preparing a new CEO in developing a masterful communications strategy or helping an existing senior executive become a messenger that produces unshakable faith, we begin each deployment with a clean slate. We customize your communications strategy to deliver on your specific business objectives. We don’t use templates or generic, off-the-shelf solutions. Think of our work as purchasing a beautifully tailored suit compared to something off the rack.


Each deployment begins with a foundation that is based on a thorough understanding of:


  • The Personal Brand of the Messenger
  • The Intention of the Message
  • The Unique Needs and Expectations of Each Audience


Our methods succeed by giving complete attention to all three. In the end, even the most complicated narrative becomes eloquently simple. Even the newest speaker becomes an authentic and masterful storyteller. Even the most jaded audience buys and takes ownership of the message.


The Messenger

Every single executive we have supported has a unique “presentation DNA” that cannot be changed. In fact, finding and identifying their communications brand not only helps them be taken seriously, add strong presentation skills and the results can be magic. Our clients never have to turn into someone else in order to get their message across. Our method is centered on their becoming themselves so they reach people powerfully, eloquently, and simply.


The Intention

Behind every message is an intention and this is where we begin.


By clearly crafting all that a client intends to accomplish with a message provides the foundation to reexamine every word, to consider the “presentation DNA” of the messenger and make the first round of adjustments in how we deliver the communications.


The Audience

Every organization has its own unique set of expectations, needs, and styles.


So many communications programs miss their potential because they have not developed an intimate, detailed and substantive understanding of the audience. Even the most well-prepared speaker and well-developed message can miss because we are not connecting with the audience’s unique needs and expectations.


This is one area that separates Greig Communications from others. We are intensely focused on understanding what drives the audience, what variety of mixed expectations they bring to the table. By always modifying and crafting the communications to meet every unique audience, then and only then do we reach our greatest potential.

Branding and Reputation

Your brand needs to reflect what the company is about, its values, strengths and aspirations while positioning you as a leader in your field to achieve key business goals. Creating a successful brand, while an intangible asset, creates tangible value for the company.

A successful branding campaign raises the value of a company beyond the assets that comprise the company. This is especially important when a company enters an IPO, is looking for new partners, or attracting talent. A consistent brand will position the company positively with all stakeholders to help you achieve your business aims.

Internal Communications

Internal communications should engage staff across all levels and provide the tools leaders need to unite, focus, and move the organization towards achieving its goals. We have developed internal communications programs for small, mid-size and large companies ranging in size from $20 million to more than $100 billion.

This year we developed a comprehensive internal communications program for a $1 billion company designed to transform the company’s culture, onboard a new CEO, and position the company as a “Great Place to Work” to attract top talent.

We also have experience delivering internal communications programs around mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, transformative business initiatives, restructuring, and human resources initiatives.

Content Development, Website Design, Photography

Thoughtful content development, creative website design and top-notch photography are all elements that are essential when presenting your company or campaign to the world. We have the expertise and resources to help you develop the online presence that will set you apart from your competitors.

Science Writing

Bringing complex scientific concepts, breakthrough research, discoveries, and clinical insights to broad audiences requires creativity combined with deep scientific understanding. With more than 20 years’ experience communicating great science to diverse audiences, we bring a unique perspective to your messaging that will engage audiences in ways that will have a meaningful impact on your business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team members have lengthy and successful track records in leading highly successful communications programs during mergers and acquisitions totaling $6.29 Billion in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

We thrive on orchestrating a new communications approach and helping our internal partners address the challenges, complications, and scope of large mergers and acquisitions. We come alive sorting through multiple stakeholders, defining a newly blended communications strategy or leading a client onto entirely new ground. Above all, we find that every merger and acquisition becomes a vast learning experience for everyone involved. For us, work doesn’t get better.

For additional information on our history in this area, please request a confidential overview.