Precise communications

for precision therapies

Choose a communications firm that speaks your language and gets your challenges—one that has long-term relationships with key members of the medical media, the investment community, and the brightest talent. You’ll save time and money working with an agency that focuses on modern medicine and targeted modalities.


Greig Communications will approach your projects with speed, precision and efficiency—the same way you bring your therapies to market. With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our team truly understands the unique challenges you face.

Need help launching your business?

Creating a compelling website? Announcing funding? Developing a strategic messaging platform? Getting your news published? Dominating social media? Keeping your blog full of fresh content? We do all that—and much more.

Building a sterling reputation improves the probability of success when it really matters. We’ll help you develop an individualized marketing and communications strategy that translates into a roadmap for achieving your business goals.

This roadmap is a living document with flexibility built in as the world changes and unforeseen business challenges arise. It’s your guiding light, driving all your outward and inward-facing communications, and no company should launch without one.

Your brand reflects your values, strengths and aspirations. If done right, it positions you as a leader in your field and clearly articulates the key benefits you offer. A strong, well-defined brand becomes an intangible asset that creates real value for your company. Crafted strategically, it will differentiate your company from the competition and resonate positively with stakeholders.

Greig Communications helps you clearly define what you want to accomplish—and our team of planners, graphic designers, writers, and content creators will help you tell your story and make sure every message exemplifies your brand.

Using thoughtful content development, creative website design, top-notch graphics, and photography, we help you develop the online presence that will set you apart from your competitors. This is especially important when a company enters an IPO, seeks new partners, or recruits talent.

It’s likely you’ve been too busy dotting your innovation “i”s and crossing your technology “t”s to worry about publicity. But when it’s time for your discoveries to meet the press, the right media partner can put your company in the spotlight, attracting investors, customers, talent, and partners with messaging that’s crisp, precise, relevant, and motivating.

We’ll leverage our close personal relationships with influential scientific, business and mainstream media outlets, place your content in well-respected publications with wide distribution, attract the attention of hungry investors, and notify qualified job candidates that your discoveries are red-hot and your culture is cool.

Social media in biopharma requires a specialized touch. We can help.

It is an essential part of any communications and marketing strategy. If used correctly, social platforms help you connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and establish your company as an authority your followers can trust and rely on.

How quickly can you staff up with people at the top of their games? That depends on the strength of your brand, the reputation of your corporate culture, the “wow factor” of your scientific discoveries, and the success of your product launches.

In addition to crafting your image to attract the best candidates, we have deep, lasting connections with top hiring agencies and head-hunters who represent your best candidates. We’ll help you define an optimal hiring strategy and then identify, connect with, and close contracts with qualified hires who possess the attitude, training, and skill-sets you need to build the ultimate team.

Bringing complex scientific concepts, breakthrough research, discoveries, and clinical insights to broad audiences requires creativity, combined with deep scientific understanding. With decades of experience communicating great science to diverse audiences, we bring a unique perspective to your messaging that will engage audiences and make a meaningful impact on your business.

As your company grows from a few key staffers to a more robust organization, internal communications moves to a higher priority. Transparency and consistency in your intranet content, employee town hall meetings, and team-building efforts create trust, productivity, retention, and motivation, which are all essential for a harmonious and productive culture.

We have developed internal communications programs for small, mid-size and large companies ranging in size from $20 million to more than $100 billion. In 2021, we developed a comprehensive internal communications program for a $1 billion company designed to transform the company’s culture, onboard a new CEO, and position the company to attract top talent. We also have experience delivering internal communications programs around mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, transformative business initiatives, restructuring, and human resources initiatives.

Whether preparing a new CEO to develop a masterful communications strategy or helping a senior executive become a spokesperson who inspires unshakeable faith, we begin each deployment with a clean slate. We customize your communications strategy to deliver on your specific business objectives. We don’t use templates or generic, off-the-shelf solutions—everything we do is custom-fit for your needs.

Whether your endgame is long-term independence, merger, acquisition, or a vision that’s uniquely your own, a well-crafted company image and carefully cultivated partnerships will allow you to achieve your goals. We can introduce you to industry leaders who are open to collaboration and eager to forge mutually beneficial relationships with companies like yours.

We have led successful communications programs during mergers and acquisitions in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Each assignment required the orchestration of a unique communications approach, including addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders, carefully crafting timely messaging that moves the transaction forward, and following through to a successful outcome.